1877 Florian Stiegler (Great-grandfather) was born in Ramsau-Kulm. He went to work as a horseman in  Radstadt and met the widowed Maria Kocher, from the "Walchhof" farm.
1915 They got married under the condition that the name of Stiegler should be carried on. The marriage produced six children (Maria Kocher had three children with her first husband).
1916 Florian Stiegler (Grandfather) was born.
1926 The beginning of electric power at the Walchhof:  constant current was produced by a mill wheel.
1944 Florian Stiegler married Maria née Fleischhacker from Klöch in Southern Styria by proxy. As Florian Stiegler was stationed in Norway during the war, they got to know each other by writing letters to each other. Maria had already been at the Walcherhof for six months when Florian returned from the war.
1946 Birth of only child, a son Florian Stiegler.
1950 Alpine hut was built.
1952 Renovation of electricity station. 

Alternating current created using a Pelton turbine. 

1958 Florian and Maria Stiegler take in their first guests in the farmhouse and lay the groundstone for the today's Stieglerhof-Walchhof.
1965 New construction of agricultural buidings for cattle.
1965 The water power station was modernised, energy produced by a Francis turbine. The whole farm is now energy self-sufficient, the excess electricity is fed into the Salzburg AG net. As a consequence  fishponds are built as water reserves. Fish farming begins, since then our kitchen has bee supplied with approx. 20,000 fish.
1970 Construction of the Walchhofgut with 14 guest bedrooms.
1972 Our parents Florian Stiegler and Mathilde, née Scharfetter marry. In the years to follow 4 sons are born: Florian 1972, Michael 1973, Thomas 1976, Christian 1979.
1977 Due to a short circuit the farm burns down. A blow of fate forcing the family to start all over again: Construction of the Stieglerhof with 20 guest bedrooms begins.
1979 Completion of our own Chapel by Mathilde and Florian. The chapel was originally consecrated as St. Joseph's Chapel, had been used as a carriage shed and was used once again for its intended purpose.
1980 Extension to the Walchhofgut with more guest bedrooms and an apartment.
1981 Construction of the tennis court.       
1985 Construction of the first swimming pool.
1990 Florian and Mathilde build a private house above the Stieglerhof.
1996 Michael Stiegler and Anneliese, née. Schnell marry. In 1995 their daughter Anna-Maria was born, in 1998 their son Michael was born. 
2003 The Stieglerhof acquired its own spa.
2006 A new heated swimming pool was built.
2007 Construction and operation of new heating plant. The whole farm is now heated organically with wood chippings. The wood comes from our own forest.
2008 Extension and renovation work on the Stieglerhof. New guest bedrooms are builts plus a new, extended restaurant area.

Lobby and reception area are extended. The adjoining private quarters are also renovated.

2011 In the Walchhofgut the guest-rooms and the flat are anew renovated in the cultivation. Also the catering trade kitchen and the storerooms are completely renovated and are reshaped.

2011 -


All guest rooms and the apartment in the annexe at the Walchhofgut were refurbished. The kitchen at the Stieglerhof plus the store and refrigeration rooms were also modernised and refurbished.


Construction of a hydropwer station - generation of energy by a Francis turbine. The whole farm is supplied with our own energy. Excess power is fed into the Salzburg AG network.

During this work our fish pond was redesigned and a cosy fishermens' hut was built. In spring all rooms in the Landhaus Walchhof were newly renovated. And in autumn all rooms at the   Hotel Stieglerhof.   


Our farm chapel was restored and it shines in new splendour.
Conversion und renovation of the barn building - playpen for suckler cows and a new home for our small animals.     


In 2014 Stieglerhof the bathrooms are newly renovated. In Walch Hofgut ground floor is transformed the dining room and the kitchen. To get the Walch Hofgut a chill-out lounge and a spacious guest room to relax. All doors in Walch Hofgut be re-installed.

Today the Stieglerhof is not just a family holiday resort, but an experience-farm with its own agriculture and livestock covering approx. 60 hectares of forest and 35 hectares of field and pasture. Thus we are able to offer our guests produce from our own farm.

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